Pilates by Janessa is proud to work with clients from all walks of life. Janessa believes that anyone can and will benefit from the Pilates Method. She has successfully helped dancers, yogis, senior citizens, mothers-to-be and post-natal women, and those with illnesses and injuries. If you are unsure if Pilates is an appropriate choice for you, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to answer your questions and/or concerns.

How lucky we are to have Janessa in Stockholm! I have been taking her classes for nearly a year now, and I am absolutely hooked! Janessa has the unique ability to create a perfectly balanced class - well coordinated, challenging, fantastic imagery, laughs, hard work and encouragement. All of this has me amazed at the things I have been able to achieve under her instruction. Importantly, I feel extremely confident training with Janessa - we are always given personal attention and guidance to ensure that exercises are adjusted or modified in order to meet our specific needs or physical limitations. Thank you Janessa!

-Andie L, Marketing Manager, Stockholm

I have not done much Pilates but as soon as I started taking private sessions with Janessa I noticed a big difference in my body. As a former pro tennis player (ranked Top 100 in the world) I have one side that is much stronger. Pilates has helped me balance my strength while also helping me gain some much needed flexibility in my hamstrings and chest muscles.

-Jessica L., pro tennis player Stockholm, Sweden

I used to suffer back pain due to the long hours sitting at work and the everyday stress. The Pilates class with Janessa helped me to improve my relaxation and my posture. She teaches you a proper way to breath that helps you while doing the exercises and a methodical-well-structured way to perform every exercise during the class.

-Maria L, London UK

Janessa has a talent for balancing clarity, pacing and light heartedness in her teaching. I always leave her class feeling like I have worked hard, had fun and learned something.

-Edward R., professional dancer New York, NY

I have had the privilege of working with Janessa for the past 4 years and both as a student and colleague I am consistently impressed with her knowledge for the Pilates technique. Ms Clark has the ability to make a class both fun and challenging while educating her students about body mechanics.

- Jamie D., Pilates instructor, Nyc, NY

Janessa's class is expertly paced. Each exercise leads right into the next, each thing preparing you for the next. This results in both a cardiovascular workout and well-balanced strength training. Janessa's class is challenging, but she creates a lighthearted atmosphere, that makes even the most impossible exercises fun to attempt.

-Anna S., professional dancerNyc, NY

I have had the pleasure of having many great pilates instructors, and I can speak to the fact that Janessa is one of the best instructors I have ever had. She provides an athletic, technical pilates experiences, but also provides a warm atmosphere where people feel comfortable learning and mastering their own bodies. Janessa teaches with a humor and grace that you simply won't find in a pilates class of 15 people at a gym. After I left Sweden, I continued Pilates and despite only having been in Sweden for 6 months, I could tell that I was much healthier and fitter than when I left. When Joseph Pilates said “In 10 sessions, you feel better, 20 sessions you look better, 30 sessions you have a completely new body," he had Janessa's class in mind.

-Jonathan Coveney, Data Engineer Twitter, San Francisco

I'm a qualified yoga teacher and have been doing Janessa's Pilates classes in London for a year. I can honestly say she's been the best, most inspiring teacher I've ever had. She has a real gift for inspiring her students, keeping them focused and helping them to progress and get results. She brings freshness and new challenges to classes and the only problem we had was that she was so popular that people had to be sure to book their place! She's a lovely person, with an energy that's infectious and we will miss her.

-Colleen M., yoga instructor London, UK

I love taking Janessa's Pilates class! Her combination of a warm, welcoming demeanor and clear, well-structured and creative exercises leave me sore but glad that I went. If you want a stronger, more intelligent and coordinated body, this is the class for you.

-Courtney D., professional dancer NYC, NY

It is rare to find a Pilates class that is as well choreographed as Clark's. She has a way of keeping the exercises fresh and always showing you new and deeper ways to experience them. Her anatomical knowledge is thorough, her imagery engaging, and this helps her work effectively with students of all body types and experience levels.

-Hannah S., College Dance Faculty, grand rapids, MI

When I started at Janessa's Expat Pilates Courses around 2 years ago, I felt welcome from the first second. After my first lesson I joined for the Expat Outing where I met all the other Expats. It helped me to settle in Stockholm and find friends.

Besides from the social benefits I also noticed improvements on my body. My mid started to become stronger which help my entire posture. Due to the regular training I developed more patience with myself and in my job. Also, when I went to my next surfing trip I noticed a better balance and paddle power, which made surfing more fun.

I have joined several specials like the Detox Pilates week, the Spring Bootcamp and the Postholiday stretch, which all I can recommend. To spread all this benefits to others, Janessa inspired me to start a teacher training next year to become a teacher myself. Janessa has a lot of patience to develop the best training for everyone and tops it up with social events. I can't say more then: Go and train with her!'

-Melanie S. H&M, Hamburg, Germany

I had been taking Pilates classes for a few years before moving to Stockholm and had been steadily improving. Since joining Janessa's class I have improved beyond recognition. I can now comfortably complete exercises I couldn't do before and my parents have even commented how much better my posture is. Her teaching manner is so positive that it gives me the confidence to keep pushing myself. And best of all I really enjoy the classes!

-Grace H., actuary, Stockholm

Having moved to Stockholm from the UK I was keen to find an english speaking Pilates class and am so happy that I found Janessa's expat classes! Previously I had attended Pilates classes at gyms in the UK which I really enjoyed, however, Janessa's classes are in a completely different league. Each session a new routine of exercises is delivered, targeting different muscles (and often muscles I didn't know I had). This ensures that you don't get bored and that you feel challenged and supported to improve. The small class sizes result in everyone receiving close supervision, support and encouragement. I really look forward to the sessions and feel lucky to have found such a talented, friendly and inspiring teacher and a lovely bunch of expats! Janessa certainly knows her stuff and I would whole heartedly recommend her classes to anyone!

- Karen B., teacher, Stockholm

I have attended Pilates Classes for approximately 8 years and counted myself lucky to have had what I thought were good teachers, that is until Janessa arrived at my Gym and now I know what excellence is. Her classes were the best and even sometimes with over 20 in the class at different levels you always thought the class was made for you. We have already told our new teacher that she has very big shoes to fill, I feel really lucky that for one year I have probably had one of the best Pilates teachers visiting the UK.

-Elizabeth G., Pilates practitioner London, UK

Janessa's Pilates class is fantastic! Her instructions are clear, encouraging and she always pushes you to reach your best. I especially like that she always provides detailed individual attention to everyone while maintaining the right amount of fun and challenge for the whole class. She cares about whom she is teaching.

-Jennifer H., yoga instructorNyc, NY

I love coming to the studio, the atmosphere and Janessa makes it feel like a tiny bit of Manhattan moved into Roslagsgatan. Janessa is a great teacher, with the perfect balance between structured teaching and hard workout but still with a relaxed and friendly feeling. Training with Janessa has improved my overall strength but it has also become a way of clearing my head from stress.

-Cecilia F., Human Resources Dir., Stockholm