Temporary Group Training Schedule (Fall 2017)* due to studio construction move

Information and Policies

NOTE: Group classes are currently taking place at other studios in the city until further notice due to construction at the studio. Please check the letter next to the class to see where your class is held.

(K) denotes classes at Karlaplan. Storskärsgatan 3. T-Bana to Karlaplan, Bus 4 or 72 to Värtavâgen. Click HERE for a map.

(off-site) denotes classes happening at corporate offices and private homes.

Click BOOK NOW to be taken to the booking site. You must pre-book. All classes are 55-minutes unless otherwise stated. Socks are required (grip socks for barre fitness). All studio sessions have a strict 24-hour cancellation policy. Full price is charged for late cancellations. Teacher substitutions will be announced ahead of class on MINDBODY.



Corporate class (off-site)  




16:00 (K) PT


18:15 (K)
Open Level Pilates (Janessa)




12:00 (K)
Open Level Pilates (Julia)


14:30 (K) PT





19:05 (K)
Open Level Pilates (Janessa)



7:45 (K)                                         Open Level Pilates (Julia)

Corporate class (off-site)



15.00 (K) PT

16.00 (K) PT







12:00 (K)
Open Level Pilates (Janessa)

13:00 (K) PT                 



16.00 (K) PT           

17:00 (K)                                       Open Level Pilates (Janessa)   

18:00 (K)
Barre Fitness (Janessa)

19:00 (K) PT







12:30 (K)PT

13:30 (K) PT



17:30 (K)                                        Open Level Pilates (Julia)

18:30 (K) PT



10:00 (K)                                         Postnatal Pilates Course (Julia)          

11:00 (K)                                  Open Level Pilates (Julia)

12:00(K) PT



10.00 (K) PT        

                                                           11:00 (K) PT                                       

12:00 (K)
Open Level Pilates (Janessa)

13:00 (K)
Barre Fitness (Janessa)

14.30 (K) PT

15:30 (K)
Prenatal Pilates Course (Janessa)



Private Training

If you prefer to train with Janessa or another one of the studio's instructors privately please send an email via the 'inquire' button. All permanent PT spots remain reserved for the client from season to season.

Corporate Training

Bring Pilates by Janessa to your corporate office for staff classes. Classes are one hour and booked for one season at a time. Our instructors can work with up to 20 people in a group at one time.