photo by veronika tybell

photo by veronika tybell


To inquire about whether you should book a group class or train privately,please email us.

Please include a short description of your physical activities prior to (and during) pregnancy and how many weeks pregnant you are (or postpartum). PLEASE NOTE: If you have any additional health considerations (including gestational diabetes, pelvic pain, low blood pressure, severe diastasis recti, or postpartum depression) please let us know before booking.


Stockholm Wednesdays at 19.00 (55 minutes)

New York Monday at 18.15, Tuesday at 10.00

Private sessions available by request

Prenatal Pilates

Pilates by Janessa offers Prenatal Pilates courses for pregnant women who wish to remain safely active on their journey towards motherhood. Pregnancy is an exciting time in a woman's life and during pregnancy the body experiences many changes. It is important to maintain physical activity for your health and well-being, but not to push yourself beyond safe limits. This isn't the time to strive for a perfect teaser, but to breathe, stay mobile, reinforce proper alignment, and build up your support! Pilates is the perfect form of exercise as it is gentle, safe and effective at strengthening your deep muscular support system, while also keeping your body flexible and able to adapt to a shifting center of gravity. Pilates is also helpful in preparation for labor, and in core muscle recovery after the birth.

Prenatal Pilates classes begin with breathing. There will be exercises given to address the body as a whole, paying special attention to the areas that become tight during pregnancy and the muscles that benefit from extra strengthening. The goal is to facilitate a holistic session, moving as much as possible so that you can experience tension-release, strengthening, lengthening, and increased energy.

Note: Pilates is wonderful during your entire pregnancy if it is progressing normally and without complications. Our courses are for women in the second and third trimester. In the first trimester it is generally fine to train in your regular fitness routine, but talk with your doctor or midwife to determine if you should wait to begin Pilates.

Postnatal/Postnatal+ Pilates

Pilates by Janessa offers Postnatal Pilates training for women who are at least 8 weeks postpartum (10 weeks for C-section), and Postnatal+ for those 6+ months postpartum.

Postnatal Pilates classes focus on re-finding your connection to your pelvic floor and deep support muscles while slowly easing your body back into exercise. Special attention is given to corrective posture and alignment exercises. In these classes we will find your deep core support system first and allow your outer abdominals to slowly come back into the action when they are ready. Every woman is different and will take her own time to heal!

Postnatal Pilates+ is a good bridge back into open level training with more advanced postnatal exercises that help women to ensure their transition back to regular training is safe and effective.


Mama & Baby Yoga

Pilates by Janessa has created a program for postnatal women and their babies to spend time together while Mommy gets to exercise and connect to her body. Classes are also a wonderful opportunity to meet other new moms.  So bring your little ones as we will work on building back core strength, releasing tight muscles and rebuilding our connections to our bodies. No previous knowledge of yoga is required. We will go slow and build from the ground up. All levels welcome! (Please bring a small toy or two for your baby to play with and a blanket for them to be on.


Stockholm Wednesdays  at 13.30 (60 minutes)

Private sessions available by request