Janessa Clark Founder of Pilates by Janessa

Janessa Clark
Founder of Pilates by Janessa

Teaching Philosophy

'My philosophy is that everyBODY can benefit from the Pilates Method as it is a system of physical and mental integration. Our bodies are brilliant and complex organisms with inherent intelligence and surprising resilience.

Creating a dynamic relationship between the body, mind and spirit is my goal for every client (and the aim of the method). This goal includes being a facilitator for building strength, flexibility, concentration, control, and proper movement patterns. I am committed to assisting clients who are unearthing, nurturing, or rediscovering the will and desire to improve physical fitness, mental acuity, a playful spirit, and a better quality of life.

My motto is YES YOU CAN... achieve new levels of fitness, prevent and rehabilitate injuries, de-stress your life, return to restful sleep, breathe easier, and maintain your vitality. It is OK to sweat, to grunt, and to challenge yourself with new modalities. My job, and more importantly, my responsibility, is to help facilitate these goals in a safe, effective, and vibrant environment.

I have practiced Pilates as a student since 2001 and have been a certified instructor since 2005. I have personally experienced what it feels like to be completely over-stressed, to be injured, and to feel disconnected from my body. I have also personally experienced the amazing and cathartic transformation that Pilates has allowed me.

The method works. And it goes well beyond the aesthetic concerns and pressures that society places on us daily. It works on a cellular level, from the inside out. This is what I believe and know to be true. I, and my fellow instructors, are passionate about what we teach.

I believe in life-long learning, whether it be through contemporary approaches to Pilates or through a rigorous undertaking of studying the 'classical' work. I believe in collaborative efforts in maintaining the quality of Pilates practice and education worldwide. I confirm that those who teach and/or practice Pilates with curiosity, dedication, kindness and passion will always be welcomed into my studio. I am a New Yorker and I don't take laziness as an excuse for not exercising your body, mind, and spirit.

Clients will always receive a great workout in their sessions. However, my greater wish for them is to take the sensations and little discoveries they find in class and let them carry over into daily life, because Pilates is more than a great workout, it's a fantastic system that can help us engage with what it really means to be a living, breathing body. I look forward to working with each and every client that makes that important effort to walk into a session (for themselves) with me.'

-janessa clark, founder and owner