Group Classes

Group classes are a shared experience with other students in the studio. During the 55-minute class, students learn the core principles of Pilates Mat, Springboard, or Barre Fitness work and participate in a full body workout.

Classes are based mainly on contemporary Pilates systems (BASI Pilates® and Steele Pilates). All class levels will work with props from time to time. These props alter traditional exercises, sometimes making exercises easier to execute properly and sometimes adding an invigorating challenge. Several props also simulate exercises from the Pilates apparatus work.

Props used: Block, Small Ball, Hand Weights, Foam Rollers, Stability Balls, Magic Circles and Exercise Bands. 

 Photograph by Jess Lehnhoff 2013

Photograph by Jess Lehnhoff 2013

Open Level Pilates Mat

All levels welcome. These classes focus on the core principles of Pilates Mat work in a safe yet challenging manner.  Everyone works mindfully so that proper alignment and muscular development are achieved.  Warm-up exercises start off each class as we navigate better understanding and proper execution of the exercises in the method, and how they build towards the more complex repertoire. Simpler and more advanced variations are provided depending on the bodies in class.                                                                      

Springboard Pilates

Springboards function very much like the Pilates Tower (or the Cadillac) with a variety of spring tensions that help you tone and sculpt your muscles while refining your core control even more. Springboard classes offer spring resistance training for the legs, arms, back, butt and belly. These classes are full-body workouts that get the heart rate up and the muscles singing!

Intermediate Level Pilates Mat

Intermediate level is recommended for practitioners who have taken Pilates classes for a significant amount of time and are comfortable with basic exercises offered in the open level classes. Students work with more exercises including the rollover, jackknife and teaser. Students work towards a more advanced practice in a safe and responsible manner.                                                                                                              

Barre Fitness

Barre classes fuse ballet principles with Pilates and toning exercises to form a physically challenging class at the barre. It is so fun it quickly becomes addictive and gives quick results. Let’s lift the buttocks,strengthen the core and sculpt the upper body while increasing our functionality in the standing position. Did we mention that the class is set to high-energy music? See you there!

Advanced Level Pilates Mat

Advanced classes offer an extensive and varied series of exercises designed to challenge and motivate the very experienced practitioner. Advanced classes are offered only to those who have demonstrated adequate abilities in order to maintain the level of the class and to prevent injury to an inexperienced student.                            



Pilates Foundation Course

 The Pilates Foundation Course is a series of classes that meet weekly for 8 weeks. Participants will be provided with a solid foundation for Pilates matwork. This option is strongly suggested for those who have never practiced Pilates before, those who have taken a break from training and/or those who are transitioning from the Postnatal Pilates course back into regular training. This course is highly effective in preparing you for the open level classes on the studio schedule. Pre-booking is required.

Private Pilates Training

Private sessions offer the highest level of personal attention and take place in the comfort of a client's home or at the studio. During these one-on-one sessions, clients benefit from receiving Janessa's full attention and immediate feedback on each exercise. Each client's Pilates program is personally tailored and advances as the client improves. Personal training also ensures that the client always works efficiently and effectively towards their goals and ultimately towards a higher level of body/mind/spirit fitness.

Introductory sessions
Introductory sessions last 55 minutes and include a postural assessment, an in-depth explanation of the Pilates Method, a breakdown of all core principles and a full Pilates mat class. One Introductory session must be completed before booking any further sessions or packages. This ensures that each client receives the correct training for their needs and can establish realistic goals through Janessa's collaborative approach to program design.

Standard sessions
These sessions last 55 minutes and encompass a brief warm-up period, 10-15 Pilates mat exercises and a closing stretch. 90-minute sessions are also available for challenge seekers.

Duets and Private Group sessions 
Duets and and private group sessions are also available upon request.

Remote Private sessions (via Skype)
These sessions are 45 minutes long and are conducted over Skype for those clients who travel for work, who are on vacation, or who live in an area with limited access to quality Pilates training. You must have enough space to put down a training mat or a blanket/towel/rug for spine support. Sessions can be done at your hotel, the beach or the office; anywhere with a working internet connection!